1). Maritime Security: - With increased risk of international terrorism, maritime piracy, smuggling, hijacking, drug/human trafficking, and other forms of marine crimes; Darforp Security provides an all-encompassing solution to mitigate these security problems on our waterways. As a leader in commercial maritime security, we have developed a unique range of services including armed and non-armed forces/guards for commercial vessels and private yachts, ship-to-ship (bunker-to-bunker) transfer of assets/valuables, protection of sub-sea pipelines and oil rigs, contingency response and crisis management, maritime safety and security training, counter and anti-piracy security, etc. Equipped with an unparalleled level of elite military expertise combined with commercial understanding and proven industry experience, Darforp Maritime Security Team remains committed to the regulation of the security industry by always being at the forefront of working with governments, institutions and individuals to ensure the right kind of maritime protection and port facility security that is suitable to their needs. 

2). Security, Safety & Health Training:- Security, safety and health training at the workplace should not be left on the back burner until a crisis occurs, because by then employees might fall victim to crime, get rubbed, get assaulted, become sick or even die due to a crisis situation. Therefore, DSL can partner with you to provide a complete range of effective learning/training programs that can be tailored to suit your specifications. Equipped with technical and clinical instructors who are not only experienced, but are also passionate about their area of expertise and in the curriculum they teach, it is guaranteed that our clients will receive the right training that will enable them tackle the daily challenges of maintaining a safe and healthy secured working environment.

3). Uniformed Guards: - At Darforp, we place special emphasis on employing and deploying professional security guards who have been trained to carry out a wide range of security duties/functions. We believe that the common practice of employing security guards solely as watchmen/gatekeepers defeats the entire purpose of professional security. To be fully innovative and cost effective, the duties performed by trained security personnel should encompass a diverse range of security functions. And since we are well aware of the need for security in all spheres, all our security guards are highly trained to perform specialized security functions including access control procedures, traffic direction/control, workplace violence control,  fire prevention and response, proactive onsite patrol, theft and property damage control, guarding services for telecommunication base transmission sites and corporate events. In addition to this, our guards are also trained to perform customer service functions, provide first aid/manage any occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks encountered whilst on duty.  

     4). Events Security Management: - Whether it is a small social function or a large corporate event, Darforp Security offers a wide variety of services directed at ensuring the smooth running and overall success of your event. The safety and security of our clients and their guests/patrons remains a top priority at all times be it a low profile gathering or a high profile event, we are well equipped to cater to your events security needs. Our Event Security Management services includes crowd control, spectator/patron screening, risk management, traffic & parking operations, first aid response, occupational health & safety (OHS) and emergency management services.

  5). Technical Security Management: - We are confident that we can develop and manage an electronic security system that meets the needs of your premises. Our security solutions are devised and integrated utilizing world class technologies to offer the best value for each client while ensuring that we balance their technical requirements against their budgets. In other words, we provide a consultative approach in assessing and developing technological security solutions that significantly reduces the risk of safety, health and security issues in your organization. Features such as Access Control systems, CCTV Monitoring systems and Building Alarm systems can be completely integrated to fully protect your premises.

  6). Executive Protection: - Company executives and VIP’s in general are vulnerable for a number of reasons including their wealth, businesses, celebrity status, community standing, etc. Therefore at Darforp Security Ltd, we have built an excellent reputation for Close Personal Protection or body-guarding security measures that are significantly recognized and respected both in Nigeria and abroad.  Our Protective Personnel/Agents are considered to be amongst the best in the industry. And just to mention a few, we have successfully protected these principals; Corporate CEO’s & Executives, Celebrities, Foreign Diplomats & Dignitaries, VIP’s, Royal Family Members, a Senate President, a Head of States, and more. With Technical Partners strategically located all over the world, Darforp Security is the perfect choice for safety and unparalleled protection. 

7). Security Driving:- Over the years, comprehensive research studies have reported that the overwhelming majority of security incidents involving corporate Executives and high profile/net-worth individuals, including government and military officials, have occurred while the targeted individual was in or around their vehicle. Therefore, Security Driving and Secure Transportation are very important elements of a detailed security program. However, while having an armored or a bullet proofed vehicle is highly significant, we at Darforp Security know that this is only a part of the solution, so we provide professional security drivers as well as encourage our clients to receive security/protective driver training. All our Security Drivers are very experienced and are trained in the art of defensive and protective driving through professional courses which cover topics like evasive driving techniques, anti-kidnapping techniques, route planning, protective driving, immediate action skills, accident avoidance course, and surveillance detection techniques. This enables them to not only drive our executive passengers professionally, but also allows them dovetail seamlessly into the protective operations of the armed security details.


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